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Nursery and Preschools

St Paul's Nursery School

12 St Paul's Square, York YO24 4BD, UK – 01904 622291

Our Alf and Joe loves it!

York Montessori Nursery Fulford

33 Hospital Fields Road, Fulford, York YO10 4DZ, UK – 01904 642666

Really great with the kids. Very caring.

Askham Bar Day Nursery

Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses, York, York YO24 1LW, UK – 01904 703702

My little ones first visit to the nursery.. absolutely fantastic service and he has settled in really well. I would recommend to anyone.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Scarcroft Primary School

Nunthorpe Ave, York YO23 1WF, UK – 01904 653569


Great school!

Poppleton Road Primary School

Poppleton Rd, York YO26 4UP, UK – 01904 553388

This is a fantastic local school attended by both of my children. Despite its age, the school is very much in the modern age, with great facilities and supportive teaching. They have good Ofsted results and the teachers b go out of their way to help develop children. During parent teacher meetings, I've noticed the feedback I gave to teachers was acted on quickly. A great school from all perspectives

I love this school it is phenomenal! Thank you to all the amazing staff and children for everything they have done 👩👩👩😀😀😀

Knavesmire Primary School

Trafalgar St, York YO23 1HY, UK – 01904 554445

I would certainly get my children into Knavesmire Primary School. Voted best Primary School in York, it has fantastic sports facilities and great teachers. Built in WWI the school includes a Library, a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), a big hall, separate classrooms for years 1,2,3,4,5,6 and Morning and afternoon Nursery not forgetting Reception, a huge playground and Zonepark. Zonepark is a class such as years 4, 5 or 6 being put into groups and looking after the equipment in the playground. There is a separate playground for Reception and Nursery which makes playtimes more fun. There are 3 playtimes for the children to enjoy. School starts at 10 to 9 and all pupils must be in the classroom by 9. The first playtime is after assembly (only on certain days) around 10:35 the playtime finishes at 11:00. Lunch is at 12:00 and years Reception, 1 and 2 enter the canteen first with there packed lunches. All hot dinners (all years) will got to the canteen as-well and have there dinners. At 12:15 year 3 will go in and have there lunch but only year 3 because others will still be eating. At 12:30 the rest of the school will have there lunch. The proper playtime will run from 12:00 till 1:10. The last playtime is at 2:15 till 2:30. School finishes at 3:15 fo years 1, 2 and Reception at 3:25 years 3, 4, 5 and 6 finish. I would go and see the school and get my children into it at whatever it takes if I was in your shoes!

Public & Preparatory Schools

St Olave's

Queen Anne's Rd, York YO30 7WA, UK – 01904 527416

St Olaves is the junior/prep school to St Peters - one of the top academic schools in the North. St Olaves, which takes children from 8-13 years old is a co-educational day and boarding school on the same site as St Peters,sharing its 47 acres of sports fields and facilities as well as having spacious school buildings of its own.Entry is possible in any year group although years 7 & 8 are often over demanded. There is direct entry to St Peters from St Olaves. Academic and disciplined St Olaves offers the myriad of opportunities to be found in a boarding school and offers Junior Boarding from 8 years old.Means tested bursaries offering up to 100% fee assistance are available from age 11.

York Steiner School

25 Fulford Cross, York YO10 4PB, UK – 01904 654983

Not just a school, but a community. From birth (Gentle Beginnings), through the toddler years (Parent & Child Groups), pre-school (Kindergarten) to the Main School (age 6 - 14) York Steiner School offers a nurturing environment and a rounded education. Highly recommended.

Best school ever.

Bootham School

49-57 Bootham, York YO30 7BU, UK – 01904 623261

As parents we find Bootham School brimming with many qualities, there is a calming atmosphere punctuated with a strong sense of purpose,- forming a perfect baseline to facilitate learning and self confidence. "Adventurous & Liberating" is the School mantra. Our two children have made some wonderful friends and from starting Bootham in year seven, have never looked back. The teaching staff are supportive and motivating. The activities after 1600 hrs add another dimension to the learning and development of children, giving them a taste of things they (and we) would probably never think of in the fast paced world in which we live. Finally, the food is consistently of the highest quality and the children (& us on Saturdays),look forward to every meal !

As a former pupil, I cannot sing their praises high enough. I came from a school (St Olaves) where I was bullied for many years. I was generally miserable and had low self confidence. Bootham brought me out of that shell. The teachers were all lovely, I may not have liked every subject, but i still liked the teachers. The ethos and attitude of staff and pupils quickly formed me into a totally different more caring person. I was much happier, my grades rose and I joined as many after school activities as I could. At my previous school I never wanted to stay longer than I had to. At Bootham I never wanted to leave. School lunches were also amazing, In the 7 years since I left I have tried to keep my home food as varied and healthy as the lunches I got at school. Friends and family love the food I make and I still don't think it is as good as my school food was. I wasn't the only pupil to go to Bootham after being bullied, I think it attracts a lot of kids who are kind and bright but have been stifled through adverse experiences. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is more introverted and wants to develop in a caring and protective environment which still prepares you for the world ahead. My friends and employers have commented on how kind and hard working I am. These are qualities I am certain I formed during my time at Bootham. In the sixth form they give you more freedom and if staff think you are capable they stop spoon feeding information. Deferring to guiding your own research. This was a invaluable skill when it came to university.